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Reinhold Noel can look back on what are now 55 years not only of shared history, but equally, in the truest sense of the word, 55 highly successful years of Porsche's automotive development. At the end of his dynamic career at the Porsche company, he decided to further pursue his passion for Porsche by founding the Training and Development Agency Reinhold Noel in 2013.

Reinhold Noel acquired his expertise through his engagement within the company's racing division and from working within a diverse number of development departments after completing his training at Porsche. Ever spurred on by his thirst for new knowledge and his ardent passion for the company, he was able to fulfil his dream of moving to the technical training division. It was there that he led the development and implementation of technical trainings for all production vehicles, known today as the classic models. All materials needed for the training, such as training guidance programmes, presentations and handouts were developed using state-of-the-art didactic training methods.


Detailed functional descriptions, the so-called “Service Information Technik” and complex functional descriptions on diverse specialist topics were all drafted in the technical training division. Since founding the Training and Development Agency, Reinhold Noel has been developing projects which cut across areas and themes for the worldwide classic car training and certification examinations which he now runs on behalf of Porsche.

Moreover, in terms of driving technique, Reinhold Noel demonstrates to Porsche customers how to drive today's vintage vehicles both safely and speedily on behalf of Porsche's Sport Driving School, and he does so on well-nigh every racecourse across the world - he's always either in step with the times or stepping on the accelerator.

Reinhold Noels prides himself on his wealth of knowledge in all matters related to Porsche's vintage vehicles. Providing an A to Z of knowledge on Porsche's classic models is the motto he lives and works by. He's the point of contact and leading expert you are looking for to address all questions regarding classic models and the 'classics-to-be'.

Reinhold Noel

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